The process of aligning teeth is technically called Orthodontics. It may be loosely defined as the science of moving teeth, aligning irregular, crowded or improperly placed teeth. Dentists who are specialised in this field are called Orthodontists. Anyone with mal-aligned or irregular teeth, buck teeth, crowded, overlapping teeth, or with gaps in between may require orthodontic treatment.



Why do teeth become irregular? 


Bad lip and tongue habits
Mouth breathing, nail biting, etc.
Incompetent lips
Injury / accidents

Why in some patients teeth need to be extracted?

In cases of severe crowding of teeth, there may not be any space available to align the teeth. Then it becomes necessary to extract some teeth to create enough space for the other teeth to get aligned correctly. However extraction depends on the severity of crowding.


The Treatment 

The treatment is done by fixing braces to your teeth and using a thin guiding wire to straighten them out. Braces consist of a system of metal, fibre, ceramic brackets bonded to the front surface of each tooth and connected by wires. The treatment does involve a certain amount of pain, which may be mild to moderate and lasts for upto a week after treatment begins. After that there is generally no pain. However, each time the wire is adjusted or changed, there may be mild pain. The treatment on an average takes 18-24 months to complete.

How to take care of braces during the course of treatment? 

Eat soft food, cut into small pieces, or well-cooked.

Avoid hard and sticky food.

Use a soft brush in gentle circular motions, making sure to dislodge any accumulated food particles and plaque. Most importantly don’t forget to brush twice a day.

Take care of your braces during any sports activity to prevent damage to teeth and lips.